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Ever since the last update...when I say screen is just white...deleted and reinstalled app..still white screen of death

I downloaded the app but when I push "Log In" the screen goes white and nothing happens. So there's that.


Works better than the EA servers...thank the gods,old and new

Unless, because already exists the battlelog

This app should be called "battlelog lite", you should use the battlelog, not separate the battlelog lite of battlelog. If change was the only option, bf3 couldn't be left out. You have two options now: First, go back to battlelog and shut down this one, and second, add bf3, the features of battlelog that is missing here and create the new user interface for bf3, this is a method to make all games not dependent of battlelog, and shut down it too. There is no necessity to maintain they two





wow love all battlefield

love the app is great app thank u for this

Love the game

Awsome games

Crashed, i can't open my bf4 battlelog

I can't open my bf4 battlelog. When i try to open it, it always saying " You need to log in your EA account in order to see this bla" ". But i've already signed in my EA account, the fact that i can open my bf1 battlelog. Please fix this

Not responding

Unable to do weapon loadout. And screens overlap.

Is their a bug, or.. ??

I don't know if I ran into a bug, or theirs something wrong with the app. But iv already un/re-installed the application several times, and no luck. It still gives me my notifications but when I try to open the app it takes me to the log in screen. After I click the "login" button, it opens a blank white page and dose nothing else ???

App used to work great. Now just get a white screen every time I try to log in. Will give 5 stars if fixed. Galaxy note 5.


Won't open


You cant login to any other battlefields I play BFH and BF3 and you can't switch to that game



Doesn't work

I get a blank screen whenever I click log in

Almost it does nothing

Its OK but it does nothing almost... I mean whatever U can do in webVer is here... There is nothing new + that the app is incomplete yet... There is no battlelog for HL & 3... Only 4 & 1 designed until now.

Should be in the game

You can also check this stuff on the battlefield website.


Very good but theres some annoying bugs that need to be fixed #dicepls

I prefer the old battlelog

White screen.

When I turned app on and clicked "log in", then appeared white screen, nothing more. Someone can help me?

Not complete


Only because you can change your emblems


Well they kind of force it on you if you enjoy and want the most out your game you bought in a store that had nothing to do with your cell phone or Android play store... But here you are getting an app for a game on a console made by a company that makes phones... Does everyone just own everyone. The rich make sure they stay that way for sure huh. Why don't you make an app and a day and let a lucky fan reap the rewards as your cup overfloweth as it is? Help life get better improves ones quality of living???

Fun using it

Can create my own emblem to make noobs mad!

Since the last update, the app's been broken. Can't get past the load screen. All it displays is a white page no matter what you click on. Wouldn't expect much else from a free app from EA though...

I lobba

Can't log in any more

Made a Pepe emblem 10/10

Total Garbage

I have downloaded deleted and redownloaded multiple times. It doesn't work for me. I only get a blank screen when I go to sign into my EA Account. I literally can not do anything with this app because of this. I hope everyone else is having a better experience because mine is a display of total failure in execution and functionality.

Not all options working

Loadout,stats and dogtags not working galaxy s7

Didn't work

Could not sign in. Popped up a white screen that didn't go away. I even took the time to email support with no response. Hopely they will update and I can make an emblem.


...would be brilliant if it could actually remember loadouts, as opposed to defaulting to rank 1 weapons every time.

Unable to log in (White Screen)

Been trying to log in for a week but it shows a blank white screen and nothing happens. Fix it ASAP and get your 5 stars back.

Very useful!

All what I need to know about my game is in here. Thanks EA!

Loved it

It is so fun

Used to work fine, now all I get is a white screen.

Cannot login

When I load the app, I click on login and it just goes to a white screen. I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling but nothing... Sort it out!